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All material for this site is based upon the biography of Samuel J. Levick, by his personal friend Hugh Foulke; published in 1896 by the William H. Pile Sons Printers at 422 Walnut Street in Philadelphia, Pa.

about age 30

Samuel Jones Levick was a leading cause for the abolition of slavery, a compassionate voice for the protection of animals, a faithful proponent of his personal faith (i.e., the Society of Friends, or Quakers), as well as a faithful preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Arriving in this world in 1825 and departing in 1886, he spent most of his life as a citizen of Philadelphia and Bucks County.

Samuel J. Levick is the name to which is given the street that connects from Philadelphia's Tacony-Palmyra Bridge to New Jersey across the Delaware River. He is my great, great grandfather. He's my hero.


Animal Rights Activist


Gospel Preacher